Packages for less than $17/hour!

We have just launched our Grade 9 Curriculum Mastery Program to ensure we can get our process into the hands of more students and parents who want the best for their child.

Especially when the education of our students has never mattered more.

Here's the process we will be walking our students through:

# 1.)  3 one hour sessions per week.

Say goodbye to $50/hour, one hour sessions per week that just do not work!

# 2.) Online communities to ask for assistance.

   Somewhere to go when you feel lost doing your homework outside of class.

# 3.) Office hours.

Meet with our instructors during times that work into your schedule to ask questions relevant to your learning.

# 4.) Self directed fully approved grade 9 curriculum.

Additional lessons, examples, instructions, assessments, to help you prepare for math class and succeed.

# 5.) Bonus: Less than $17 per session!!

We are in this business to help students. You will not find a more reasonable structure, or pricing anywhere else!

I’m excited to speak with you, listen to your needs, and discuss how we can help. Contact us using the information below.